Corporate Entrepreneurship for Business Acumen

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We live in a very different world today as Covid-19 brings dramatic changes to all our lives. We need to ensure we become Entrepreneurial in our mindset to seek our new opportunities and restructure how we will move forward in our lives.


We are in a brand new business environment, the tall majestic skyscrapers of yesterday now echo with emptiness. The world of business has gone disarray and the beautiful memories of certainty is a distant reality.

The combination of Industry Revolution 4.0, Covid-19 Pandemic, and the Global Lockdown has rendered our business model changed. We need to re-evaluate our business model to determine what is the most likely scenario for our business

In this era of business Unusual, therein lies many challenges, yet many opportunities persist and new ways of working await us. Business Unsual requires a new employee mindset. Those that are agile, dynamic and high business acumen will succeed, they are the ones who will change the way organization is run and conducted. The Corporate Entrepreneur has finally arrived to accelerate the growth of Digital

What Will I Learn?

  • • Shift of mindset to the new Business Unusual
  • • Able to state the various factors that contribute and continues to determine the new Business Unusual
  • • Apply business acumen to the everyday business decision-making process
  • • Be the Corporate Entrepreneur in your organization

Topics for this course

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Covid-19 a Series of Black Swan Events?

The 1st reported case of Covid19 in Wuhan China in November 2019 has led to a devastating effect on the world stage. As the Pandemic continues to sweep the world, people find their lives, work, and society changed forever
Draft Lesson
How has Covid 19 affected you in the following areas?

The Sinking of the Lexury cruise Ship?

Understand that we are now no longer on a cruise ship

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